Specialty Definition
The holder of a diploma with title PODIETRIST or PODIETRY has sufficient knowledge in order to make him responsible for taking care of diseases in relation to the limbs. In collaboration with doctors of relative specialties, he assists the clients-patients. He organises, administers and managers the workplace, fully knowing the respective legislation.

Employment Sectors
The Podiatrist is a specialised professional that did not exist in the field of social services and as a result few professionals could treat diseases of the limbs, whose knowledge is usually empirical. The specialisation of Podiatrists, in the labour market, is essential for the correct treatment of the clients problems. A podiatrist may provide his services in the following fields: as a freelancer operating a Podiatrical Centre, at a Beauty Parlour, at orthopaedics clinics, dermatological clinics and  hair salons.

 How to identify a Podiatrist


The equipment consists of:

Professional wheel with accessories
Professional Podiatrical tools
Podiatrical chair
care supplies
Soft Laser
Diabetes tools